Central Management system

The customizable digital building management system for enhanced energy efficiency with ISO 50001 certification. Efficiently handle all building management tasks and data collection with a single system and never lose track of your consumption.

Analyze and optimize your operations.

Our building management system CMS allows you to monitor, analyze, and optimize energy consumption in real-time. Through the integration of advanced sensors, data analysis, and automation technologies, we provide you with comprehensive insights into your building’s energy usage. This enables you to take targeted actions to identify inefficient systems, eliminate bottlenecks, and minimize energy consumption – all with the goal of reducing operating costs, enhancing operational safety, and reducing environmental impact.

With a clear visualization through a traffic light system, you never lose sight of your entire system.

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Alarm management

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Ensures effective capture, prioritization, and response to alarms to detect potential disruptions or hazards early and respond appropriately.

Central monitoring

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Comprehensive monitoring of all relevant data and parameters for efficient and safe operational management.

Document management

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Enables efficient organization, storage, and management of all relevant documents and records for smooth operations and comprehensive traceability.

Energy management

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Monitor and analyze your energy consumption. Conduct energy audits and obtain real-time data from our system. Organize energy-saving projects and assess ongoing progress in real-time, evaluating your actions based on accurate data. Identify peak loads and prevent high additional costs through appropriate measures.

Operational safety

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With the Central Management System (CMS), you have a platform that enables continuous analysis of operational safety, equipment condition, and energy flow to ensure the necessary safety in your operations. Using our simple traffic light system, you can instantly see the condition of your facilities at a glance.

Our clients

Why CMS?

Our team of experts develops tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you are managing a single building or an extensive portfolio, our system adapts flexibly to your needs. We provide a user-friendly platform that gives you full control over your building management, allowing you to work more efficiently while simultaneously reducing environmental impacts.


Invest in the future by opting for our energy management solutions.

Realtime Monitoring
Through our traffic light system, you gain a comprehensive real-time overview of your energy consumption. With its simple visualizations, you can quickly identify bottlenecks, proactively take measures, and optimize energy consumption. Additionally, using live data, you can verify operational safety, respond to changes more swiftly, detect and prevent bottlenecks, and make well-informed decisions.
Automating Recurring Tasks
By automating recurring tasks, you can save valuable time and allow your employees to focus on strategic and value-added activities. Our system supports you in optimizing processes and speeding up workflows. With CMS, even the everyday technician can efficiently manage their operations and processes.
Efficient Data Management
Our system allows you to store and manage all relevant data in one central location, regardless of the various sources they come from. This enables you to easily maintain an overview and quickly access essential information.
Flexibility and Stability
Our central building management system is flexible and adapts to the diverse needs of your company. It can easily scale to keep pace with the growth and increasing demands of your business.
Umbrella System
The Umbrella system brings together a multitude of processes and information within your buildings. Regardless of how many buildings with different control systems you manage, with the Central Management System (CMS), you have a comprehensive solution that combines operational safety, alarm management, energy monitoring, and documentation into a single system.
ISO 50001
Our TÜV-certified management system according to ISO 50001 enables you to implement the mandatory requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive in your company. Energy auditors can easily and quickly access live data to efficiently perform their work. Energy-saving projects can be monitored and ultimately assessed for their real profitability.
Lifecycle Cost Reduction
CMS maximizes the technical quality and cost-effectiveness of the building while minimizing lifecycle costs. Inefficient processes are reduced, energy savings are achieved, and long-term efficiency is optimized.
Reduction in Labor Costs
CMS enables accelerated processes and improved quality in individual actions. Error cases can be represented with a pre-made solution recipe that only needs to be executed. This allows you to efficiently manage your personnel resources in your building, thus achieving a reduction in labor costs.
No Need for Specialized Personnel:
Thanks to CMS, even employees without specialized knowledge can ensure a safe and sustainable operation. The system provides a user-friendly interface and, when needed, can offer clear instructions for solving any issues that arise.
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our application areas.

Commercial and Industrial
CMS supports businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors in gaining significant competitive advantages. It provides resilience by reducing operational and equipment failures. Additionally, it optimizes the use of energy and personnel resources and promotes sustainable practices. By deploying CMS, companies can meet these requirements with high quality without having to invest or lose additional time. The system offers a comprehensive solution that allows for efficient control and optimization of various aspects of operations. This enables companies to enhance their performance, reduce costs, and achieve their sustainability goals.
Educational Centers
The core competency of an educational center is the efficient and flexible use of buildings for students and educators. This involves a wealth of services, operations, and processes that are not directly related to the core tasks of an educational institution. However, these are also characterized by a high level of complexity and diversity of requirements. Our TÜV-certified building management system, with integrated energy management software according to ISO 50001, helps you meet these requirements with the highest level of quality without having to invest or lose additional time.
The CMS provides a comprehensive solution for the healthcare sector to meet the highest requirements for buildings and technology. It enables active control of processes to ensure safety for the building, patients, and staff. At the same time, it helps optimize energy resources and efficiently manage personnel resources. It also supports sustainability in operations and assists facility managers in ensuring smooth operations and meeting necessary requirements in the healthcare environment.
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Data Logger

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The data logger is an open and modular system housed in a slim DIN rail enclosure. Typically, one data logger is used per building. It allows for seamless expansion through various modules, such as compatible I/O modules and fieldbus gateways.

Data Points

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Data points encompass all digital (on/off) and analog information within a system. This includes fault and operating notifications, warnings, temperature measurements, current measurements, and much more. These data points provide valuable information about the condition and performance of the system.

Measurement Sensors

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Thanks to our open interfaces, a wide range of measurement sensors from various manufacturers can be used. These sensors capture the respective measurement values and send them to the data logger. The data logger, in turn, periodically sends them to the central server instance.

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